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You can live and run your business in any state and still incorporate in Nevada.
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Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH), together with its sister companies have formed more than 30,000 business entities since 1989. Clients regard NCH as a one-stop business formation company. Co-founded by Cort Christie and Derek Rowley, NCH is one of the largest incorporating services in Nevada. Staff support and systems make creating your business and protecting your assets easy, quick and convenient. Count on NCH to help you grow you business and protect your family’s future.

NCH offers a full spectrum of business services and takes great pride in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and protect their personal and business assets. NCH provides a broad range of small business support services designed to assist you in building your business and protecting your assets. These services include bookkeeping tax preparation, tax consulting, estate planning and maintaining the on-going compliance needs of your business. NCH also offers the most complete Nevada virtual office support options available anywhere at any price.

As certified asset protection planners (CAPP), NCH’s corporate consultants are the experts who can help you select the best entity to meet your business, financial and tax needs. Based on those needs, they can help you determine if your corporation or LLC should be formed in your home state or in the state of Nevada. Many businesses from all 50 states have found that it can be beneficial to base their business out of Nevada, the most business-friendly state. Through legislation and small business advocacy, Nevada offers advantageous tax benefits, enhanced asset protection and increased privacy to small business owners.

When you incorporate in Nevada, you receive the strongest “corporate veil” protection in the U.S. The corporate veil is the legal barrier that separates your business from your personal assets. The corporate veil has never been pierced in Nevada, except in cases of fraud.

Why choose a Nevada corporation or LLC?

There has never been a case in which the corporate veil has been pierced on a Nevada corporation that has been run properly.

Nevada courts have pierced a corporate veil only four times in the last 21 years, and that was because of fraud resulting in harm to another party.

Nevada courts have developed a strong record of case law which protects the corporate veil, making it one of the most difficult in the country to pierce.

Nevada is the only state that can ensure the confidentiality of a corporate principal. Officers and directors are required to list only their name in public records.  The filing of an amended list of officers or directors, if new officers or directors are elected or appointed after filing or during the year, is not required.

Nevada requires that only a corporation’s President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one Director be listed on the Initial List of Officers, as well as on the annual list to renew the corporation’s filing with the state.

Nevada’s business friendly laws vary from those of other states in that they can limit the personal liability of corporate principals. Most states follow Delaware in requiring that person to prevail as a defendant in a lawsuit before the corporation is allowed to indemnify him or her.

A Nevada corporation may be formed for the express purpose of limiting a person’s liability in a lawful business venture.

Nevada law allows for the establishment of alternate financial arrangements to protect corporate officers and directors. These include, but are not limited to, the creation of a trust fund for such eventuality, self-insurance, securing the obligation through the granting of a lien on corporate assets, or placing a letter of credit, surety or guarantee to be drawn on in time of need. The value of this is in giving the corporation additional resources to draw upon to protect its officers and directors in the event of a lawsuit.

Nevada requires NO statutory minimum capitalization at the time of incorporation, thereby removing this as a means of piercing the corporate veil. Any capitalization provided can be done with tangible or intangible property, including services to be rendered to the corporation in the future.

Through broad empowerment allowances, Nevada law specifically provides for a corporation’s principals to be given control over such things as the establishment of stock privileges, voting rights, the issuance of shares, etc, through provisions in the articles. These infuse the directors with tremendous flexibility and control over the affairs of the corporation since major changes in policy and procedure can be accomplished through an amendment of the articles, rather than relying solely on the statutes.

Asset Protection with Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc?

You can own and operate a corporation in Nevada and take advantage of asset protection whilst living in any another state thru Nevada Corporate Headquarters. Nevada's corporate statutes, such as minimal reporting and disclosure requirements and stockholders not on public record, make asset protection in Nevada the strongest in the US.

When incorporating in Nevada you list only the names and addresses of the president, secretary, treasurer, and director(s) with the Secretary of State.  Importantly, a single individual may hold all of these positions concurrently – putting a single person in total control.

Consequently, if you wish, you can own all the shares in your Nevada Corporation, maintaining complete control of operation, without ever putting your identity into the public domain.  (Most other states put corporate ownership information on record.) 

Nevada has a closely defined line between personal and corporate assets.  Opportunities to attack the protection of a corporation (the so-called "corporate veil" *) are therefore very limited.  In other states, where some 40% of requests to pierce the corporate veil are upheld, this leads to personal liability for the officers and directors of the corporation.

* "The Corporate Veil" refers to the separation between the individual and the company. It is the most valuable attribute offered by the corporation. Care must be taken to preserve the corporate veil because if it is ‘pierced' the corporation may have no asset protection value whatsoever. Nevada law states clearly that the actions of the corporation are exempt from personal responsibility of the corporation's owner(s) except in cases of fraud or malfeasance.

The NCH Guarantee

Nevada Corporate Headquarters guarantees the integrity of your corporate veil, if your company has followed our step-by-step checklist, as provided by the Terms and Conditions of the Personal Liability Guarantee. If your corporate veil has been pierced which results in the owners, directors, officers, managers or members of the company being help personally liable for the debts and contractual obligations that the covered company has to third parties, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States, Nevada Corporate Headquarters will cover up to $100,000 of reasonable and documented legal defense expenses incurred and paid by the covered company as the direct results of the company’s good faith defense against a claim which attempts to pierce the corporate veil in a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States.

Information sharing:

Nevada is the only state without an agreement to share information with the IRS.  Whilst others exchange information freely about their corporate owners with the IRS, Nevada's legislature has repeated held that they will never enter into any agreement to share any information about corporate ownership.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters Incorporated, www.nchinc.com, can help you to keep your personal and confidential business affairs completely separate - keeping you, and everything you own, protected from unwanted attention.  Learn how you can:

Isolate your valuable assets from liabilities to the greatest extent allowed by law in order to reduce the your asset profile and thus your attraction to frivolous litigants.

Conduct a lawful "asset freeze" by shifting valuable assets to trusts and/or entities before you have any suits filed against you.

Maximize the use of exemptions allowed by state and federal legislatures, and other forms of lawful asset protection techniques.

If your business can benefit from Nevada’s bulletproof corporate veil or you’re a small business owners who needs incorporation and business services all under one roof, contact Nevada Corporate Headquarters today for a free, no-obligation consultation,

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